Welcome to the website of this fast growing and unique movement, rooted in and working for the interests of the rural people and communities of Europe.

The European Rural Parliament ERP is a long-term campaign to express the voice of rural people in Europe; and to promote self-help and action by the rural people, in partnership with civil society and governments. The campaign reaches a climax every two years with a gathering of rural people from all parts of the wider Europe. Between the gatherings we co-operate across Europe to identify and report key rural issues and implement the recommendations of the biennial gathering. The ERP began with the first gathering in 2013 and has since held gatherings in 2015 and 2017. The next gathering will be in 2019.

The ERP is a partnership initiative of 3 European-wide networks: European Rural Community Alliance ERCA; PREPARE Partnership for Rural Europe; European Leader Association for Rural Europe ELARD. It involves National Partners in 40 countries and 5 European-wide networks, civil society organisations working to support their rural areas.

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During the spring of 2017 the European Rural movements participating in the European Rural Parliament will host a series of virtual think tanks on the theme Welcoming refugees and migrants to rural Europe. We are now inviting you who are engaged in activities to welcome refugees and migrants to join a virtual think tank where you get to share experiences with others in Europe.

What is a virtual think tank?
A virtual think tank is a series of structured one-hour web meetings around a specific issue. Each participant prepares a five minute contribution answering the questions (see below). After that, a joint discussion follows and the meeting is ended with a round where each participant gets to bring up potential new thoughts that came up during the discussion.
Notes will be taken during the meeting, which will be sent out to the participants for approval before they are published on the homepage www.europeanruralparliament.eu.

Questions at the think tank
1. Why did you become engaged in welcoming migrants and/or refugees in your rural area?
2. Please describe your engagement in integration of migrants and/or refugees in you rural area. What do you do in your organsiation or project? Where is it located? Who are involved and how many? What results have you seen so far?
3. What would you need in terms of support from society in order to increase your capacity to welcome refugees and migrants to your rural area?

Outcome and follow-up
The notes from the think tanks will form a basis for a report that we will write with suggestions for the European Rural Parliament. We are also conducting a survey where we collect best practices and lessons learnt of integration through community action. Please fill it out and send it to others that you think can contribute with good experiences:  

Everyone who participates in the think tanks and/or in the survey will get a digital copy of the report once it is finished and will also have the opportunity to stay in touch with others in the project if there is an interest to do so.