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Dear Friend of the European Rural Parliament!

The 3rd European Rural Parliament is about to take place - Oct. 18-21 - in The Netherlands.

You can join the event through our live-streaming! This will be available during plenary sessions at the following times:

  • Thursday October 19 - 9.00 – 10.30 CET
  • Friday October 20 – 8.45 – 13.00 CET
  • Saturday October 21 – 9.00 – 15.00 CET

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The ERP2013 Process

The overall process was as follows:

The process – before, during and after the 13 November

May – October Information, mobilisation and submission of proposals
November 13 The European Rural Parliament event:
  • proposals are processed and debated
  • a common statement for rural development agreed by participants
November 14 Summary, feedback and report to European Parliamentarians
Nov 14 – Dec 15 Work continues with working groups of those who express an interest at the ERP
December 15 Reports from working groups submitted – to enable implementation of the results and future plans of the ERP
January 2014 Final report and documentation disseminated


Programme ERP (PDF)

Wednesday November 13 – The European Rural Parliament
At the European Economic and Social Committee Headquarters, EESC
Rue Belliard 99, BRUSSELS

8:15 Registration – security control etc.

9:00 Welcome – Let´s talk rural!
Dilyana Slavova from EESC opens the ERP and Dacian Cioloş from the Commission will give the participants a video message.
Presentation of facilitator.

9:20 From a Glocal Perspective:
Changes, Challenges and Opportunities in Rural Areas,
Lucía Fernández de Soto, La Noguera Medicanelli, Spain.


9:40 ALL Europe shall live
Prof. Michael Dower, former Co-ordinator of PREPARE.

DOWER European Rural Parliament 2013 (PDF)

10:00 The Rural Community Movement in Europe
– the moving force in rural Europe
How local people organise themselves to champion rural issues
– an introduction by Vanessa Halhead, ERCA and Goran Šoster, PREPARE followed by contributions from a variety of rural people and interaction with the audience.

HALHEAD The Rural Movement in Europe (PDF)

SOSTER Rural Parliaments GS 2013 (PDF)

10:50 Break – time to chill and chat

11:20 Think Tank for cross-fertilisation of best practices, methods, new ideas and learning.
From learning communities to think tanks.
Speakers: Peter Backa, Senior Expert and Päivi Kujala Head of Finnish Rural Network Unit.

KUJALA ERP Think Tank presentation (PDF)

11:45 Getting Down to Action – the big issues
Introduction to the proposals gathered from across Europe and to the tasks for the workshops.

INEZ Once upon a time… ERP (PDF)

INEZ ERP presentation (PDF)

12:00 Lunch – buffet

13:15 Re-balancing Territorial Development in Europe
Workshops on the proposals and preparation of statements for the plenary, including: social enterprise, the rural voice, gender, local democracy, community led local development, best practice, and others.

15:00 Break – time for a brew

15:30 Let’s take the next step!
The European Rural Parliament and the Rural Networks:
the future Allocation of tasks – Your opportunity to become actively involved and sign a “declaration of intent”.

16:50 And to conclude. . .
Concluding statements.

17:00 That’s all folks!
Close of the first European Rural Parliament in history.

ERP is bottom-up – not only in theory!