European Rural Parliament 2015 Gathering

to be held at Schärding, Upper Austria, 4 to 6 November 2015


(as at 29 October 2015)


3 November      Afternoon/evening          Arrivals of participants who opt for field visits

                         Reception/registration + dispersal to accommodation

                         No communal catering


4 November      08.30                 Formal greeting to field visit participants in Schärding town square

                                      09.00-18.00        7 different Field Visits to see rural enterprises, farms and Local

                                                  Action Groups and meet rural communities in Upper Austria,

                                                  Bavaria (Germany) and southern Bohemia (Czech Republic)

                                                  (total of 186 participants confirmed) 

                          Afternoon/evening          Arrival of other participants

                          Opportunity to mount displays in the ‘Ideas market’ in the Big Tent

                          19.00 shared supper in the Big Tent, Marquee, Schärding town square


5 November      from 08.00         Registration

                         09.00     Plenary session - Life-Stream at

                                               - Formal welcome by co-initiators, Austrian hosts - download presentation, and government

                                                 representatives from Austria, Upper Austria and Czech Republic

                                               - Self introduction by national delegations

                                               - Explanation of programme for the Gathering

10.30-11.00      Coffee break

11.00-12.30      First session of Thematic Workshops

                       (focused on the draft Manifesto and Report)

12.30-14.00      Lunch break and ‘Ideas market’

14.00-15.30      Second session of Thematic Workshops

15.45 -17.30     Tea and ‘Market of Initiatives’ in the Big Tent

                       Rapporteurs gather to improve the Manifesto and report

18.30               Buses leave to take participants to the Danube harbour in Passau (GE)

19.00 to 23.00   Danube cruise, with Gala Dinner, music and entertainment


6 November      09.30   Plenary session - Life Stream at

Presentation of case studies

1.   Anahit Ghazanchyan, Country Director for Armenia of Heifer International, a dynamic leader of rural development in Armenia - download presentation

2.   Boban Ilic, Secretary General of the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group for South East Europe, which represents the governments of the Western Balkans and is a leading organisation in rural development in that region

3.  Luis Chavez, Coordinator, MINHA TERRA, the Portuguese Federation of Local Development Association, whose national campaign for ERP 2015 included 170 local and regional meetings with a total of 3,800 rural people participating - download presentation

Explanation of Manifesto and of post-Gathering action proposed by co-initiators

10.30-11.00       Coffee break

11.00-12.30       General discussion

12.30-14.00       Lunch break and ‘Ideas market’

14.00-17.00       Plenary session - Life stream at

Line-by-line discussion and finalisation of the Manifesto

Reactions by representatives of :

-        Government of Upper Austria

-        European Economic and Social Committee

-        European Network for Rural Development

-        Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, USA

Commitments and closure

                          18.00-20.00        Informal gathering in the Big Tent



7 November      09.00-17.00 Optional Field Visits in the county of Schärding and historic town Passau

                              (90 participants expected)