The Scottish Rural Parliament takes place every two years and started in 2014. The national high-profile event brings representatives of rural communities from across Scotland together with decision-makers.  It is a participative event, and anyone who lives and works in rural Scotland can participate and decide what will be discussed. The event aims to raise the profile of rural needs and strengths, as well as identifying solutions to the challenges our communities face. It represents a genuine opportunity for communities to make real and positive changes where they live. Each rural parliament is attended by representatives from partner organisations across Europe.

There have been 2 Rural Parliaments so far in 2014 and 2016. The next will take place in November 2018. For further information follow the links:

SRP 2014 -

SRP 2016 -

SRP 2018 -

The 2016 Scottish Rural Parliament was held at Brechin in Angus. The event brought together 350 people from across rural Scotland to discuss the issues of greatest important to the rural communities.  A Manifesto for Rural Scotland was agreed and decisions take about actions that needed to be taken to ensure our rural communities are empowered, connected and sustainable. This resulted in an Action Plan which determined the work of Scottish Rural Action for the coming 2 years. The themes prioritised by participants were: Lane, Local Democracy and Governance, Business and Broadband and Mobile Connectivity.

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