The ERP Steering Group and Coordination Team travelled to Venhorst to meet with the Dutch

team and discuss plans for the forthcoming event.

All visits to Venhorst have been very constructive and we have been amazed to experience the enthusiasm and engagement by the Dutch team and the huge number of volunteers who are ready to assist in making the 3rd European Rural Parliament a success.

The Dutch team are continuing their work to prepare for the 3rd European Rural Parliament and are looking forward to welcoming 300 participants and show them how the Netherlands are dealing with the challenges within their rural areas. North Brabant has developed many cutting-edge ideas for their rural communities and economy, and will be inspirational to all who attend the 3rd European Rural Parliament.

The Dutch team also invites the participants to consider prolonging their stay in the Netherland to participate in the Dutch Design Week, which will start when the 3rd European Rural Parliament ends.

See more details about the 3rd European Rural Parliament at the Dutch website for the event:

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