The ERP Mid-term event 27.10.2021

The ERP Mid-Term Event will take place online on Wednesday October 27, 2021. It will be an all-day event. The programme will involve presentations from the European Institutions, our ERP and ERYP Partners and Research. There will also be interactive workshops on different themes. Please put this in your diaries and notify anyone from your organisations/ networks who you wish to involve in the event. As it is online we will be able to have a much larger participation than usual, and it would be good to extend the involvement beyond those usually involved in each country.

The purpose of our Mid-Term Events is to:
• map progress on the recommendations of the last European Rural Parliament – both within the European Commission and also our Partner organisations
• identify and look at any contextual changes that have taken place since then
• raise and discuss the key issues for the future and for the 5th ERP in 2022.

ERP Steering Group