ERP 2018-2019 activity funded by the EU Europe for Citizens Programme

The aim of this work is to activate rural inhabitants to express their new or existing solutions to place-based (levels local to regional) and in different rural areas from remote to rurban) concerns. These purely people-initiated solutions are to be connected to research for more evidence-based results, this by contacting universities or in connection to research projects. Participants are invited to participate in the advocacy and partnership work with EU through the European Rural Parliament (ERP) network having in view a potential citizen´s initiative. The project is also about informing people about EU, its rural policies and citizens activities all over Europe.

A communications campaign on the EU and ERP will be followed by activating social media campaigns, mini-policy-debates, surveys, six or more thematic events and the concluding ERP-Gathering. The main ERP event (serving already as a platform for different initiatives) will bring all the activities of this project together and provide a basis for an even stronger partnership in the European rural community and between EU and the rural citizens.

The communication campaign will provide the basis for better knowledge and understanding of EU and ERP. The activating and animating campaigns will aim to create a feeling of participation, partnership and friendship between rural citizens of Europe. Thematic work around youth and communities as social and economical partners is strengthened. Thematic work and research will support people´s suggestions for policy and funding tools which in turn serve as basis for a potential citizen´s initiative. A people´s Declaration will be finalised.

ERP National Partners from 17 countries will be directly involved in the work. We anticipate at least 3,400 face-to-face or virtual direct participants and 10,000 indirect participants and wider reach through press and national media presence.

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