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The 4th European Rural Parliament 2019

Over 300 participants from 38 European countries, met during the 4th European Rural Parliament at the village of Candás Asturias, Spain, from 6 to 9 November 2019. Participants included rural people, representatives of civil society organisations, researchers, national governments and European Union institutions. The 4th European Rural Parliament published the Rural People´s Declaration of Candás on the 9th of November. Working together towards a common real Rural Agenda with all stakeholders can be considered as the main message. Find attached the final version of the Declaration.

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Preparations are well underway for what will be our biggest gathering yet – 400 people from around 40 countries are anticipated to be present in Candás, Asturias, Spain on November 6-9.

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One popular feature will be the Market of Initiatives:

We are uploading interviews with some workshop leaders to explain a little of what we can find in them. eg:

Giorgio Ambrosino, of workshop 'The role of policy in improving mobility services in European rural areas'

Bill Slee, of 'Connecting with the 'hard-to-reach' in rural areas'

Hoping to see you there!

The ERP Steering Group &
Red Asturiana de Desarrollo Rural (READER)

The 4th European Rural Parliament will take place in Asturias in Spain on November 6-9, 2019. The host for the 4th ERP will be READER the Asturian Rural Development Network and their partners, in association with ERP Partner REDR, the Spanish Rural Development Network.  It will be held in the village of Candás in Carreño municipality in the region of Cabo Peñas. Asturias. This is one of the most mountainous regions in Europe, also coastal. Naturally and culturally rich, it a pioneer in tourism and rural development, with issues of depopulation, ageing, remoteness and loss of industry. This is the first time the ERP has been taken to southern Europe, a region with its own particular rural issues, which will be demonstrated and discussed through field visits and workshops.

The special theme for this ERP will be the rural-urban interface, which is an increasingly key topic for rural development. This will be additional to the core business of the ERP, which will focus on the messages coming from the thematic projects undertaken under the 2018-19 ROAD Project, and from our ERP Partners and the national Rural Parliaments. 

We will be posting more detailed information on this page, as plans develop.


The host for the 4th European Rural Parliament – Asturias in Spain


The host for the 4th European Rural Parliament – Asturias in Spain


The host for the 4th European Rural Parliament – Asturias in Spain


The host for the 4th European Rural Parliament – Asturias in Spain

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