Meetings associated with the European Rural Parliament 2014-15 campaign

Meeting of ERP national champions, 8 September, Tallinn, Estonia
Scotland – Rural Parliament, 6-8 November, Oban

Finland – Swedish-speaking Rural Parliament, March
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Members’ Assembly, March
Romania – Four Regional meetings – two in March, two in April
Turkey – Three regional meetings, two in the Izniz area, one in southern Anatolia
Croatia – First Croatian Rural Parliament, 16-18 April
Lithuania – Second Lithuanian Rural Parliament, 24 April
Estonia – Kodukant Annual Gathering, 8 May
Bosnia and Herzegovina – First National Rural Parliament, 18 May
Ireland – Three small seminars country wide, plus a national gathering in May
Northern Ireland – Six county-wide rural gatherings across the region in May
Slovenia – Preparatory meeting in May
Albania – Meetings in May and June with (a) rural youth in the northern mountains, (b) rural women in northeast Albania, and in a rural area near Tirana, (c) LEADER-type local action groups
Turkey – Two further regional meetings, on Black Sea coast and in southern Turkey, May or June
Austria – National ERP congress, May or June
Finland – Meetings in rural regions
Latvia – National Rural Communities Parliament, on the theme “Creation of precondition for development of small towns and rural areas”, 3-5 June at Ligatne
Portugal – National seminar, first half of June
Turkey – National meeting, mid-June
Poland – National conference
Sweden – Special national meeting, June
Greece – Regional Conferences at Larisa 5 June, Patras 19 June, Heraklion 30 June, Thessaloniki 2 July
and final national event in Athens in early July
European and Economic Committee – “More Europe Locally” Conference, Brussels, June
Hungary – Forums in all regions of Hungary
Cyprus – Inauguration Event at the national House of Representatives, 26 June
Estonia – Eleventh Maapaev (national Rural Parliament) August
Wales – first Rural Community Parliament, September
Germany – Presentation of ERP survey results at :
– annual “Day of Villages” in Brandenburg
– German-wide conference of village actors September
Northern Ireland – Regional gathering, early October
Slovenia – third Slovenian Rural Parliament, early October
European Rural Parliament 2015 Gathering, 4-6 November, Schärding, Austria
Netherlands – National Rural Parliament, 14 November

Swedish Rural Parliament on Gotland, 27-29 May 2016.