Maintaining rural UK links with Europe

A special UK event will enable ERP partners in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland to demonstrate their commitment to European relations and having a voice in Europe. Partners consider the situation of rural development post-Brexit and future working relations with EU countries. Information, case studies, policy information, local views, etc. will be shared by partners across the UK and through the wider ERP network of partner in 40 countries. It will be used to help UK rural movements to maintain their European links and inform debate on future policy and local action at national and EU level and will also feed into the EC work on Smart Villages.


Update January 2019

Representatives from the 5 lead organisations across the UK and Ireland attended the Scottish Rural Parliament in Stranraer from 14-16th November 2018.    The 3 days involved taking part in the field trips, discussions and workshops but most importantly promoting the important role of the European Rural Parliament. 

A dedicated workshop for the European Rural Parliament ROAD project took place on 15 November and was attended by rural stakeholders from across Scotland, UK delegates and representatives from Ireland, Finland and Netherlands.  The discussion at the workshop focussed on Why it is important to maintain links with Europe? What kind of links we need to maintain? How we can maintain the links? and Who needs to get involved?

As expected, all participants were keen to express the importance of continuing to share best practice and learning and create a mutual understanding and respect for rural communities across rural Europe. 

Further events will be held in Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Ireland over the next few weeks.  A survey, like that already undertaken in Scotland, is being circulated to find out rural residents understanding of the impact of the UK leaving the EU on their communities and on the funding initiatives that they currently benefit from.