Leader-Event in Moldova 13-16 May 2020

The Moldovan National Rural Development Network is glad to announce that the 2nd edition of the EU-Moldova LEADER Conference – “LEADER across the Europe”, is scheduled to take place on May 13th-16th, 2020 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

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Albanian Rural Parliament 2020

The Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) has announced the 2nd Albanian Rural Parliament. ANRD is organising it incooperation with Agricultural University of Tirana on April 2-3 2020.

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Dutch Rural Parliament 2019

Every two years the Dutch village association LVKK organises a Rural Parliament. On November 23 the Rural Parliament 2019 took place in Venhorst. Venhorst was also the host for the European Rural Parliament 2017!
The Dutch Rural Parliament had 180 participants. About 100 participants were representatives of village-councils in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, 1500 village councils are members of 10 Provincial Village Associations. Together they build the national village-association, the Landelijke Vereniging Kleine Kernen (LVKK). A village council is a non-political organization that is open to all residents of the village, is not limited to one or a few sectors and aims to improve the quality of life in the village.

At the Rural Parliament five topics were discussed:

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Lithuanian Rural Parliament

The IV Lithuanian Rural Parliament was organised by the Lithuanian Rural Commuity union the 18th of October 2019 in Raundovaris, Kaunas. After presentations by the authorities and intensive discussions, being concerned by unsufficient funding for community empowerment, bureaucracy, complicated regulatory framework and sectoral management of rural affairs, the participants suggest…

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Report from the Agriculture Policy Forum 9-10 of October 2019

I have the pleasure once more to participate in the forum, organized by Regional Rural Development, Standing Working Group, SWGRRD which is the forum for cooperation in South Eastern Europe, SEE, Western Balkan countries. This time the Forum was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy of North Macedonia in the place Ohrid.

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Institutional Development Activities of RDN of Network of North Macedonia

Since last year, the Rural Development Network of North Macedonia received an institutional support from the Swedish Development Organization We Effect, to empower the network and its rural members, woman and men, to be an important contributor in the democratic processes of participatory oriented governance, civic engagement and adjustment to the challenges of EU integration.

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International Day of Rural Women Celebrated in North Macedonia

The Rural Development Network of North Macedonia (RDN of NM) together with the National Federation of Farmers (NFF), every year organizes an event to mark the International Day of Rural Women – October 15. This year's celebration which was supported by the Swedish Development Organization* We Effect, was just a continuation of last year's event and an opportunity to see the results of the Declaration on Improving the Economic and Social Position of Rural Women which was signed by the RDN of NM, NFF, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the cooperation between the institutions and NGOs.

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First Edition of PRO RURAL WOMEN

An opportunity to recognize the important role and contribution of rural women in agriculture and rural development and revitalize joint efforts to improve the situation through pro-rural women policies

Tirana, 15 October 2019 – About 150 women and girls from rural areas of the country gathered at the First Edition of the ‘Pro Rural Women’ organized by the Albanian Rural Development Network on the occasion of International Rural Women’s Day, October 15.

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A SMART online platform

The new Smart REDR project is an online platform from the Spanish Rural Development Network. The aim of this platform is to democratise technological innovation in rural areas and digitalise the processes in which citizens participate, without restrictions or conditions.

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Information about Landsbyggdin lifi – LBL, Iceland

Landsbyggðin lifi - LBL, is a civil organization of people in Iceland which wants to stimulate and strengthen the population throughout the country. Emphasis is placed on linking people together and helping each other to form a strong umbrella, a forum for individuals and civil groups, which are committed to strengthening and enhancing their local community and thus contribute to the development of regional harmony throughout the country both economically and culturally.

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Plea for a Village Movement

From the former co-founder and member of our partner "Village Movement Brandenburg" Kurt M. Krambach we have received the following plea:

Efforts to start a German village movement began in 2005 in the State of Brandenburg – inspired by the experiences of the Swedish village movement – by founding a working group "Living Villages". When ERCA was founded, the WG became its member.

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How to be a smart island: experiences from Scotland and Ireland

"Smart Islands through Exchange and Collaboration" was the theme of our penultimate LEADER funded exchange between Scotland and Ireland before Brexit kicks in.

Through the European Small Islands Federation, the Scottish Islands Federation has been a signatory of the Smart Islands Initiative which was launched at the EU parliament in Brussels in 2016. And for the last couple of years, we have concentrated on energy issues through the Clean Energy For EU Islands secretariat and 4 island groupings within our Federation ( the Scottish Off grid islands and the Orkney Energy Forum, the Aran islands and Kokar in the Aaland islands are now closely involved with the Clean Energy transition Agenda and receiving special support to implement their plans.

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The Third Croatian Rural Parliament was successfully held in Vodice and Tisno

The Third Croatian Rural Parliament was held from May 20 - 23, 2019 in Vodice and Tisno, in the Šibenik-Knin County on the Adriatic coast. The main theme was "Smart villages", or the villages of the future. The organizers were the Croatian Network for Rural Development (HMRR), the Ministry of Agriculture/Network for Rural Development (MRR)Local Action Group More 249 was host and co-organizer of the event

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Arome Transilvane, the first berries cooperative from Cluj, Romania

Arome Transilvane started from the need of berries producers to associate in a structure which can bring them benefits regarding promoting their products and easier access to the market. By being part of a cooperative the producers benefit from better prices for their products and can handle plantations, development, and expansion because somebody else is responsible for sales and disposal of the products.

Read here an interview about the model of operation, the products commercialized by the cooperative and promotion used to engage consumers.

Announcement of the 5th Slovenian Rural Parliament

Around 250 participants from Slovenia and other European sverigepiller.com countries will gather on 8th and 9th October 2019 in the hilly region of Haloze. In the presence of distinguished guests and experts participants will discuss the current challenges in rural development and agriculture. Split into nine working groups, spread around picturesque landscapes of Haloze, they will search for optimal solutions in the new programming period between 2021 and 2027. Foreign guests are invited to participate on 8th October in the workshop “Local Economies”. Plenary sessions on 9th October will be simultaneously translated into English language. During the event, the ARGE prize for the best Slovenian village and NEWBIE prize for the innovative young farmer will be awarded.

Applications for participation should be sent before 20th September 2019. Please find more about the programme of the 5th Slovenian Rural Parliament and the link to the application form at www.drustvo-podezelje.si.

Resolution from the 4th Latvian Rural Community Parliament.

Participants of the 4th Latvian Rural Community Parliament call on society, decision makers and policy implementer to work closely with each other by adapting legislation, developing support tools and raising public awareness of new initiatives, approaches and key issues that would promote rural areas and small towns as a modern and dynamic places.  Based on the information, views and suggestions expressed in working groups, participants of the 4th Latvian Rural Communities Parliament are advocating a new rural paradigm by developing seven lines of action that need to be included and implemented in next-year planning documents and activities promoting holistic rural development that is summarized in the Resolution available here

Creating a Voice for Rural Wales

Representatives from 28 organisations, plus individuals from across rural Wales gathered on July 2nd to celebrate the achievements of LEADER in Wales and highlight the importance of Community Led Local Development to a thriving, resilient and sustainable rural economy.

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Black Sea Basin regional cooperation project


Armenian NGO Development Principles is implementing a "CERTOUR II: FOR A BETTER SME MANAGEMENT" project, within the framework of which First Steering Committee Meeting was organized in Yerevan in April, 2019. The Steering Committee Meeting gathered regional partners from 5 countries to reflect on the project progress, accomplishments so far, and future activities. The guests also visited project participants SMEs who are active in the areas of hospitality and tourism.  Follow links to learn more:

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