The 9th Dutch Rural Parliament will take place at the 23rd of November in the village of Venhorst in the South East of the Netherlands.

The aim of Dutch Rural Parliament is still the same:


  • To share knowledge and experience between active inhabitants of the rural area; to share the results of projects for the benefit of the quality of life and the vitality of the region.
  • To show to Members of Parliament and policy makers the strength of the inhabitants and to show them that they have to facilitate their initiatives.

There are five main themes this parliament:

  • The role and the organisation of the village-organisation.
  • The support by volunteers and partly payed people.
  • Circular Agriculture.
  • The re-use of vacant buildings like churches and farms.
  • The ‘omgevingswet’, a new law which gives opportunities to inhabitants to play an important role by making new plans for the region.

For all of the themes We have three different angles:

  • A workshop with success-stories.
  • A workshop to discuss and to further develop the dialogue.
  • A lecture of an expert.

Dutch Rural Parliament is some weeks after the European Rural Parliament in Asturias.

We investigate how to inform the participants in our Parliament about the results from Asturias.

Unfortunately, there is no programme for people from other countries this time.