Landsbyggðin lifi - LBL, is a civil organization of people in Iceland which wants to stimulate and strengthen the population throughout the country. Emphasis is placed on linking people together and helping each other to form a strong umbrella, a forum for individuals and civil groups, which are committed to strengthening and enhancing their local community and thus contribute to the development of regional harmony throughout the country both economically and culturally.

Landsbyggðin lifi – LBL is part of Hela Norden ska leva and looks to other civil organizations in Europe for good work and ideas for rural development. Landsbyggðin lifi works on a national development policy, with the aim of looking into what rural areas must have for people to want to live there, for example health care, education, transportation and employment opportunities. Landsbyggdin lifi wants to encourage people to take responsibility for their own future.
Landsbyggdin lifi is now finishing a project called Signs goes North which is about using the Signs in the City to help immigrant to get around. Here are links to the website where you can find more information about the project.

Now we are looking for a new project. If someone is looking for partners from Iceland for a new project we will be at the ERP 2019 and are open for discussions.

In Asturias Landsbyggðin lifi wil introduce and explain about the Icelandic music video “Let it be done!”