The new Smart REDR project is an online platform from the Spanish Rural Development Network. The aim of this platform is to democratise technological innovation in rural areas and digitalise the processes in which citizens participate, without restrictions or conditions.

The development of this platform is linked to the concept of Smart Villages, which contributes to improving the quality of life of people thus reducing the inequality gap in the rural area. The platform works as an online ecosystem in which public and private entities (companies, research centers, universities) in the field of R&D can connect with entities in the rural sector (rural development / local action groups, municipalities, SMEs, associations, etc.). This way of link with a view to create and design projects, exchange experiences, access to updated information, knowledge of calls, participation in forums, discussions, debates, among others that allow to create a professional network of interaction between these actors who share interests in common. Thus offering goods and services to the different actors in the rural sector, in order to boost their economies, promoting the reduction of the inequality gap between the urban and rural sectors.

Strategic Goals:

1. Create a SMART ecosystem, which serves as a benchmark for innovation in rural areas.
2. Strengthen the ties of communication and interaction between actors.
3. Generate projects and / or proposals for joint work between actors.
4. Strengthen local capacities in the use and management of virtual platforms.

Use this link to join the platform – and you’ll be welcomed and invited to see and join some of the already initiated projects or create new ones

Smart REDR