4th Latvian Rural Communities Parliament 6-7 June 2019

4th Latvian Rural Communities Parliament "New Paradigms of Rural Areas” will be held on 6th and 7th June, 2019 in Zaļenieki, Jelgava Municipality, Latvia.

It is still possible to register for the 4th Latvian Rural Parliament – deadline for registration is 23rd May
The theme for this Latvian Rural Parliament will be the New Rural Paradigm. Official translation in common sessions and also for some of the workshops. Let them know on when you expect to arrive, and they’ll see to that you’re transported to the venue.

Find more information on the 4th Latvian Rural Parliament here

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3rd Croatian Rural Parliament - 20th-23rd May 2019

Last day 16th May!!
If you’re fast you can still register for the 3rd CRP which – deadline for registration is 16th May. The registration-form is in Croatian, please contact the organisers should you need assistance. No participation fee.
Be aware that there will be official translation for the first two days – whereas it’ll be a more private/person-to-person translation for the field-trips on the third day
Find more information on the 3rd Croatian Rural Parliament here

Balkan Rural Parliament in June 2018

Rural development is a very important issue for all Western Balkan countries, because of the significant number of rural population, huge rural territories and contribution of agriculture in economy of the countries.

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Minha Terra Network, Portugal

Minha Terra Network, the Portuguese partner of the European Rural Parliament, that brings together all the 60 Rural Local Action Groups in Portugal, organized a meeting under the ROAD (Rural Opinions, Advocacy and Development) project, supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme, in Torre de Moncorvo, North of Portugal, at the 20th March. 

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ELARD Meeting on 30th January 2019

30th January 2019, 14h30 - ELARD Members meeting

Portuguese Permanent Representation to the European Union - Avenue de Cortenbergh,12, Brussels

On the 30th of January an ELARD Members meeting with representatives of Local Action Groups Networks was held in Brussels and part of the agenda was the ROAD thematic project “LEADER/CLLD for citizens and for the European Union”.

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PREPARE: 20th Anniversary!

PREPARE NETWORK CELEBRATES ITS 20TH ANNIVERSARY in 2019. The origin of PREPARE was the travelling workshop in Estonia and Sweden of 1999, aimed at civil society and government people of accession countries of central Europe from rural areas . In 2019, PREPARE will publish short stories about organisations that make up PREPARE and small history chapters of PREPARE’s development through the last two decades.

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Forum Synergies

Young People for the Future of Sustainable Rural Development

In cooperation with the Latvian Rural Forum, Forum Synergies is offering an exchange programme for young people who want to experience sustainable rural development.
You want to host a trainee? - Get in touch! You’re looking for a host? - Get in touch!

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News from our ERP-partner Acre

Supporting good practice and self-help across Europe

ACRE is leading the Rural Opinion Advocacy and Development (ROAD) project which is funded through the European Rural Parliament. The ROAD project was launched in November 2018 at the Scottish Rural Parliament held in Stranraer.

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