The European Rural Youth Parliament movement representatives have brought ERYP Declaration to Brussels (From PREPARE Newsletter)

ERP Youth delegation of 14 young activists have taken part in important meetings with European stakeholders in Brussels on 30 January 2020 to disseminate the results of ERYP – an event in November 2019 that gathered more than 70 young professionals from 16 countries.
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ERYP delegation started their meetings by inspirational discussions with representatives of European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) and Hannes Lorenzen from ARC 2020. Those fruitful conversations about changing current rural policies and issues concerning the future of Europe were continued by a meeting with Members of the European Parliament Dace Melbārde, Isabel Bejumea and Niklas Nienaß.
Rural youth representatives shared their view on 5 objectives of ERYP declaration, discussed current policies and how they can be improved for the next planning period to respect the needs of the rural youth and to take action accordingly. The importance of the involvement of youth in policy making process as well as the necessity to reach out to people in remote rural areas in order to have an inclusive opinion has been stressed by both sides, opening a further possibility of rural youth involvement in decision making processes.
The meeting in Brussels with European stakeholders was organised within the project “The best is yet to come. Youth create tomorrows’ rural reality from village to wider Europe”, financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action