Within the ROAD project European Rural Youth organised 14 events and 9 webinars. Altogether around 500 participants - of wich 80% young people under 30 – discussed youth engagement and policies in rural areas.


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2nd European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP)

70 participants from 16 countries all around the Europe gathered in Candás, Asturias (Spain) for the 2nd ERYP. The event served as a platform for youth to engage, connect, to be empowered and heard in European level. Many different opinions, perspectives and experiences were put together to make the European Rural Youth Declaration. The document represents issues and specific steps that must be taken by decision-makers and fellow youth to make rural a better place for living.
The Declaration
In addition, the animation activities lead to ERASMUS cooperation, scholarship activities through Forum Synergies surveys and dissemination activities. The cooperation goes on and new activities and projects are planned together.