The 1st Albanian Rural Parliament (ARP) which took place on 28-30 of September 2017 in Tirana, represented an advocacy, capacity building and networking event dedicated to rural development in Albania. The event – a joint effort by the Albanian Network of Rural Development (ANRD) consisting of twenty-two local CSOs in partnership with the Agriculture University of Tirana (AUT) - welcomed more than 300 participants. The overall objective of the 1st Albanian Rural Parliament (ARP) was to advocate for the rural development and ensure that the rural agenda and its priorities will be strongly reflected in the local, regional and national policies. The main beneficiaries of this advocacy effort were the national and local government institutions, as well as other public and private actors, civil society organizations, farmers, entrepreneurs in the field of rural development etc. The 61 municipalities of Albania were represented by public officials, farmers, entrepreneurs, women and youth and different economic and social agents.