During the year 2019, Latvian Rural Forum organised 7 webinars where different topics regarding the rural youth were discussed. We invite you to step forward with your story to be shared in this kind of webinar. Let's gather online and exchange our thoughts! Send your ideas: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Links to the recordings of previously organised webinars: sverigepiller.com/xanor-billigt/

• 2019.03.26., Simone Matouch (Forum Synergies, Austria) and Anu Suotula (Keskipiste-Leader ry, Finland) about Forum Synergies scholarship programme and Europarc youth manifest.

• 2019.04.30., Brigita Medne (Association “Pierīgas partnerība”, Latvia) about methods of youth involvement and the youth work manual LOCAL ACTION YOUTH.

• 2019.05.28., Henrik Løvschall (Idrætshøjskolen Aarhus, Denmark) about nonformal, alternative, after-high school education in Denmark.

• 2019.06.25., Michal Beneš (Active youngster from Czech Republic) about convenient traveling opportunities and hitch-hiking.

• 2019.08.27., Atreyu Anahata (Sunseed, Spain) about sustainable lifestyle, environmental activism, remote community in Southern Spain.

• 2019.09.24., Sara Neagu (MIJARC Europe, Rumnia) about digital tools for youth participation in decision-making process.

• 2019.10.29., ERYP and other interested one’s discussion on rural development challenges in Europe, work on European Rural Youth Declaration.