Input for the European Rural Youth Declaration

Soon the second European Rural Youth Parliament will take place in Asturias, Spain. There, around 70 young people from rural areas of 14 countries will come together to share their experiences as local activists, farmers, municipality workers, NGO representatives, students, etc. During Parliament participants will develop the Youth Declaration which will later be presented to European stakeholders.

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Let’s go Online!!

How to best make use of the opportunities on internet in order to participate in civic engagement

As the technologies have developed, a lot of processes can be arranged without a physical presence. In most of the countries, online public services or digital signature is no more a future but present. This sure makes rural areas more connected. However, a debate about the safety on the internet and lack of digital skills is still on.

Last month, MIJARC Europe explored the most recent trends in civic engagement, teaching young people how to make use of the internet and online tools in order to participate.

This year’s theme for MIJARC (International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth) has been “Support citizenship and youth participation in rural development” including 3 sub-themes:

24th September Latvian Rural forum hosted a webinar on this topic, where Sara from the projects' team shared her experience with the work done around the topics mentioned above. Find the recording from the Webinar here.

This was the topic for the 7th Webinar in the ERP Youth theme organised by Latvian Rural Forum with the support of ERASMUS+ Programme and Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

1909 Youth

Gent Imeraj - a young man from Albania

Gent is currently a master student of Electronic Engineering and Digital Communication. He works as a teaching assistant and as a researcher at EPOKA University in Tirana, Albania.
In a retrospective, the farthest relevant memory Gent brings, is his set-position in the yard, directing forehead towards his old house in the valley of Nikaj-Mertur. It is a tower made of stones, a symbol where he seeks for his past and future. For a little creative boy, it is a fascinating view, carrying on the responsibilities to exhibit the Alps' virtues in his own portrait. "You know you are home when you find the ones who stay" - and Gent found that view standing still, in every return there, because, after all is his origin.

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About the Youth Network

Young rural people and rural youth organisations develop and enlarge the youth network within ERP by organising events and animation leading to the second European Rural Youth Parliament. A youth´s declaration based on collected information will be presented in the main ERP-Gathering in Asturias. Feel free to join the network and partnership to give a voice for rural youth.

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Cross-border symposium "Village looking for young initiatives!"

What role is there for young people in the Euregion Germany/Netherlands to keep their village vital? That was the central question during the fifth symposium of the Network Citizen-initiatives Europe on 11 October. The 90 participants were welcomed in the college Forstgarten in the town of Kleve (Germany). A group of 15 students from the school took part in the symposium, together with active young people and professionals from the border region. They were welcomed by the school director and the deputy mayor of Kleve. In a video message from State Secretary mister Raymond Knops, he gave the message "There is little more beautiful than young people who are concerned with the future of their village". In addition, he cited striking examples from his own home village. In a keynote speech, two researchers from the Arnhem Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences, sketched a picture of how young people in the border region value the quality of life in their village.

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Cooperative Manager at 25 years old: The agriculture is in need of more young people that would support the experienced one

Is not easy to be a young farmer, especially when you start from the bottom – without machinery and without your own land. You need courage, time, prudence and a dose of chance. You need advanced machinery to enhance agricultural production so you could become economically sustainable. As a young farmer, you have the possibility to access European funds which might help you a lot in your professional development.

Daniel’s story in agriculture begins before he finished the BA, when he started to lease several areas of land and continues as one of the youngest managers of cooperative from Romania. Read more.

ERP Theme Youth

In cooperation with other partners, within and outside the ERP Network, Latvian Rural Forum is working on the ERP Theme “Youth”.

The latest achievement being the 6th Webinar – with a presentation of the Sunseed Desert Technology - a non-formal education project which aims transition towards sustainability.

Sunseed is an international group of sustainability enthusiast and is based in an ancient little Andalusian village with a long historical background. The electricity is provided by solar panels, nearby water source is providing water for daily use and natural water treatments are used for sewage. With around 50 inhabitants it is a place of different creative projects.

Find the 6th Webinar here

Learn more about Sunseed here: Their web and their FB

Information About the Project:

The project “The best is yet to come. Youth create tomorrows' rural reality from village to wider Europe” is financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.