Gent Imeraj - a young man from Albania

Gent is currently a master student of Electronic Engineering and Digital Communication. He works as a teaching assistant and as a researcher at EPOKA University in Tirana, Albania.
In a retrospective, the farthest relevant memory Gent brings, is his set-position in the yard, directing forehead towards his old house in the valley of Nikaj-Mertur. It is a tower made of stones, a symbol where he seeks for his past and future. For a little creative boy, it is a fascinating view, carrying on the responsibilities to exhibit the Alps' virtues in his own portrait. "You know you are home when you find the ones who stay" - and Gent found that view standing still, in every return there, because, after all is his origin.


His father, Mr. Petrit IMERAJ, is an honored man in Alps community through his engagement as a guide, researcher, author and project coordinator on topics related to sustainable development of the Alps. Looking up to his father determination (forest engineer and lawyer by profession) to create content for the Alps, at 14 years old, he began to transform his inspirations into actions.
Gent served at Velipoja Touristic Info Centre for a period of 4 years (during summer season). The centre had in its content a library shop with touristic books for the Northern region. Curiosity fostered him every day to "absorb" lines from those stories, as a passion to learn and connect to those lands. During those 4 years, related to tourism, he participated through applications in many hikings, programs and events happening in the Alps or for the Alps. One advice he strongly stresses is: "Never think of something to be much bigger than what you can give! Always APPLY and give the BEST you've got!"

At the age of 18, in February 2017, Gent was the youngest licensed Tour Guide from the Ministry of Tourism of Albania. His area of work was set to be Shkodra city and the Northern Alps.
"Le vent se lève! Il faut tenter de vivre!" "The wind rises! We should try to live!". Written by Paul Valéry. Now the wind had risen, and Gent's struggles where ahead!
From 16 years old and ongoing, he was engaged in civil society with the network "Albanian Alps Alliance", which is now part of the important network of ANRD, a marvelous example for sustainable rural development initiatives and work in whole Albania.

After 2 years of successive trainings on Project Cycle Management, his role, from a participant, transformed to a project writer, preparing activity logistics, project reporting and lecturing. This job, Gent has been constantly doing through his years of bachelor studies. "In my opinion, being complete is to possess the perspective of many eyes!" - Gent says.

Up to now, he has hosted and guided over 100 guests-tourists in Shkodra city and Alps area and he is still available. Gent stands for the feature that: if it is a sincere explanation, mixed with a hand of emotions, then they will remember it. Similar to the psychology of the little child, that saves in memory things that caught his/her attention the most emotionally.

Gent chooses to describe particularly these two timelines of him, tour guide and civil society engagement, to be two professions that his rural side brought to life naturally. If the rural youth were to put these professions in their own "pentagram" and "play" them, the world would be amazed! For those young people, it comes naturally, especially in Albania.

"The wind will keep rising. WE all should try to live! Rather than a threatening, it concludes a handshake!" - Gent ends his autobiography.