About the Youth Network

Young rural people and rural youth organisations develop and enlarge the youth network within ERP by organising events and animation leading to the second European Rural Youth Parliament. A youth´s declaration based on collected information will be presented in the main ERP-Gathering in Asturias. Feel free to join the network and partnership to give a voice for rural youth.

The EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is a source of ideas and inspiration for decision-makers in protected areas and rural communities to ensure the involvement and empowerment of young people. The Manifesto is written by 43 young Europeans from nine different European countries.

The manifesto declares an important message - youth participants tell what they can and ask for involvement because they do not need someone else to build the future for them, they can be the builders themselves.

Youth are now on the streets from schools to fight climate change and save next generations. What can we do in rural areas?


Winter greetings from ERP youth!

Since last ERP in the Netherlands the plan to involve more and more youth members into ERP movement activities had been actively worked out. 

To do even more and better further on, that is to include youth wisely in rural development processes of Europe, we need to gather some important information from ERP partners. Prepared questionnaire is important step to reach out the persons and organisations for direct discussions about following themes:

  • IMPORTANT ISSUES for youth inclusion European, nation and local level;
  • Possibilities for youth participants to GET INVOLVED in ERYP and ERP events;
  • Collaboration for NEW IDEAS;
  • CAMPAIGNS and publicity;
  • and other questions in which YOUR opinion will be crucial!

Give us a little Winter holiday gift as we need your help! Building ERP youth network is possible just with your all support. :)

Please fill questionnaire TILL JANUARY 19th, 2019!  

It will take only couple of minutes of your time and it is meant for everyone in ERP network.

Here is link to questionary https://goo.gl/e5xLTo   

ERP youth network building


Don't hesitate to call or write if you have any questions! 

Best wishes,

Zane Seredina

Latvian Rural Forum

ERP youth pillar coordinator

Ph. +371 288 55 427 

Email.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.