Allowing both hosts and trainees to gain valuable experiences. Sign in as host or trainee.

Forum Synergies cooperates with Latvian Rural Forum on a Scholarships for Youth. Offering opportunities for both young people and hosts to learn from each other.
Sign up as student or host and Forum Synergies / Latvian Rural Forum will ensure the matchmaking. Both students and hosts will also be invited to participate in the 4th ERP in Spain in November.

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And join their 2nd Network-event in Hungary 17th – 19th June.

The Smart Village Network (SVN) is an open bottom-up network of villages, village groups and village associations across Europe. It aims at facilitating exchanges among villages about smart village approaches and making the voices of villages heard at regional, national and European levels.

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Join the Theme-activities or one of the surveys being part of the ROAD-project.

The ROAD project (Rural Opinions, Advocacy and Development) is ERP 2018-2019 activity funded by the EU Europe for Citizens Programme

The application was supported by 17 of the ERP partners, but everybody are welcome to join the activities within the project, and we encourage you please to contribute – either by taking part of one of the surveys directly on our Website – or by participating in some of the themes run by ERP-partners.

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And keep an eye on the surveys and other animations activities to be found here

Soon an Instagram activity will be launched as well.

The European Commission is undertaking a consultation on the future of Europe. The ERP is doing its own survey, related to this.  Completing our survey will help you to answer to the official version. The results will also input to our ROAD activities for policy purposes.  Additional questions are attached at the end of the survey. Give your answers from a rural people’s perspective. This will give ERP ideas on what kind of advocacy activities are needed from people´s perspective. When answering open-ended questions, please give short answers for ERP-purposes.

Below is the link to the official EC survey (noted by EC, that this survey has been drafted by citizens themselves)